What to Do in the Future after the Hurricanes of 2017?

By: Rohan Kumar

The path of destruction left behind by the hurricanes of 2017 will not only change how we think about helping people, but will motivate us to plan to minimize damage in the future.

These weather disasters have shown us the importance of zoning laws and regulations and how our actions can result in the loss of lives and the welfare of those who are survivors. All states, cities, and areas in the U.S. need adequate regulation. Weak zoning laws in Houston meant the storm’s destructiveness led to industrial catastrophes on top of the physical devastation.

The federal government must require all states and municipalities to have strict zoning laws dictating where and what kinds of structures may be raised. If a national hurricane relief program designed to help those in hurricane prone areas is implemented, the long term effects of hurricanes would not be as severe due to swift aid to those in need. Both steps are essential for us to prevent and address future catastrophes.