California Wildfire Investigation

By Georgia Kirkendall
The massive and incredibly destructive California fires that occurred this summer to Autumn, 2018, still befuddles all. Finally, the fires have been extinguished, and allows all, victims and fighters, time to rest and grieve, but also to wonder. The 2018 fires have been the deadliest and destructive on record of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, with a count of 88 deaths as of December sixth. How could this have happened? What spark could have caused this must demolition?
The firm PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Co) is a very possible candidate. PG&E
disclosed, that just 15 minutes before the killing fire broke out, a transmission outage occurred in Butte County, and the company claimed the accident is being further investigated. If the company is indeed the culprit, this could mean serious financial obligations for them. PG&E also reported renewing wildfire insurance of the cost of $1.4 billion. Just in case. However, if PG&E is found responsible, they will most likely come up short, as the cost of the fire destruction amounted up to $6.8 billion. While the company is facing many lawsuits, PG&E states, “We are aware of lawsuits regarding the campfire. Right now, our primary focus is on the communities, supporting first responders and getting our crews positioned and ready to respond when we get access, so that we can safely restore gas and electricity to our customers.