Universe Expansion and the Multiverse

Georgia Kirkendall

A very favorite topic of mine is the universe, and its never-ending expansion. If you concentrate enough about the fact there are billions of other possibilities and worlds out there, your brain might explode. Most people cast out the idea of other life beyond earth and of a multitude of universes. Yet, there are some scientific theories that give support to such things.

As galaxies expand farther away from our homesource, they travel faster than when they were closer. The equations of general relativity indicate a push and pull force of gravity and expansion. In the void between galaxies, expansion has the ultimate hold over gravity, and forces space to stretch, causing the universe to expand itself in a timeless continuum. With that, there is to be said of what lies beyond our universe: Cosmetologists have varying hypotheses of the beyond, including the theory of the Big Bang, and the quirks in it that scientists play around with to search for a possibility of a former or existing life. The Big Bang explains how matter was evenly distributed across the universe. The theory of the birth of galaxies and stars within the universe is explained by the inflationary model, in which in the early age of the universe, rapid expansion driven by newborn energy, formed clumps of gas that became what we know to be galaxies.

This paradigm extends to the theory that the universe we live in is just one portion of a larger cosmic reality. This hypothesis could explain the possibility of other worlds and life forms in far galaxies. There is currently no way to verify the truth of this phenomenon, but if it were real, the explanation for this science could be the idea of an unstable quantum energy state. Another formation of energy could be a state of ‘stable’ energy, in which bubble shaped universes are formed, unable to expand. With numerous bubble universes, all of them would be unique with their own laws and physics. Our universe would be just one bubble in a greater multiverse. There are many other theories, such as the mathematical vibrating string of electrons and branes of the hyperspace, but they all address the same concept of a multiverse. While there is no absolute scientific proof, it is very likely that there is more life out there.