What Would Happen if….. There was a Fire Drill?


                                                                                                                                    By: Kevin Mensah

       I applaud the administration of Hamden Public Schools for promoting safe practices. Measures are taken to provide every school in the Hamden School District with fire drills and lockdown drills every year, to ensure that every student will know the correct procedures.  The more you practice, the better you will do in a real life-threatening scenario. A school evacuation may be initiated when an escalating conflagration threatens the building, and the safety of students and staff residing in the building. Fire drills ensure that everyone knows how to exit as safely and efficiently as possible with limited inhalation of smoke, and carbon monoxide. Fire drills also familiarize students and staff with the sound and flashing lights of fire alarms. 

In case of a real fire in your classroom, on the ceilings in each room of Hamden High, there are water sprinklers and smoke detectors. If a fire is blazing rampant in your classroom the water sprinkler will detect heat and sprinkle water throughout the classroom. Multiple fire alarms can also be heard and seen throughout the building. When a fire drill is initiated the fire bell in your classroom will ring. There is also another variation of the fire bell that flashes red and makes loud repetitive ringing. Do not be alarmed, it is possible to exit safely. During a fire drill, you will be ordered to follow your teacher to the first exit. If you are in the facilities do not fret!  Please hurry up, and use the nearest exit as soon as possible! You will receive further instructions outside of the building.

If you ever see a potential fire remember there are square fire alarms in hallways with the white imprint “FIRE ALARM” that you either push or pull down. They have loud repetitive rings that alert others of danger. But remember only pull or press those if you see a fire. You can be charged with disorderly conduct if you pull a fire alarm, intentionally or unintentionally without the presence of a fire. 

Fire extinguishers located in school hallways should not be used by people who have not been trained. They are limited to adults who have been trained to use them properly.

If you are ever trapped in the school do not worry. Stay calm. A roll call that takes place outside of the building once all students are evacuated, will be made to ensure that each student is safe. The fire department will be alerted to rescue you. 

       Thank you for reading! Whenever it is a drill or real life event, you will be prepared for the actions taken to ensure the safety of our fellow students, and staff members. I know you will all do great when the time comes. Go Dragons!   

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