What Would Happen if….. There was a Lockdown?


                                                                                                                                    By: Kevin Mensah

I applaud the administration of Hamden Public Schools for promoting safe practices. Measures are taken to provide every school in the Hamden School District with fire drills and lockdown drills every year, to ensure that every student will know the correct procedures.  The more you practice, the better you will do in a real life-threatening scenario. A school lockdown may be initiated when an intruder or a threat to the school is reported.

If a lockdown drill or an actual lockdown is announced remember to stay calm. During a lockdown, teachers have been informed to shut and lock their doors. The lights in your classroom will be turned off, and all your classmates will be ordered to proceed to one corner of the room far away from the door. The door should be covered so no one can see inside. If you are in the facilities, do not fret but be sure to lock your stall. If you are too far in the lockdown drill stay put. If it just began, proceed to enter the nearest classroom. In this situation remember to be quiet. We wait until we hear the all-clear over the PA from the principal. 

            Thank you for reading! Whenever it is a drill or real life event, you will be prepared for the actions taken to ensure the safety of our fellow students, and staff members. I know you will all do great when the time comes. Go Dragons!