Looking Back on The Dial

Hamden High School was built in 1935, a testament to its longevity, even with various renovations required throughout the years. The school is notable for many aspects, a leading achievement is the A wing, which displays murals of Hamden’s history, named on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Yet an accomplishment that has better surpassed the test of time must be the school newspaper, The Dial. The newspaper’s first issue was in 1936, and remains strong today. The Dial  has braved the transformation of journalism in terms of advancing technology, having transitioned from paper publications to an online version, the website you’re on right now! The school newspaper’s online presence broadens its reach while maintaining focused and reliable content, from fun and thought-provoking columns to introspective news. The Dial’s “What Would Happen If…” column and newly added “Poet’s Corner” offer a glimpse into the amazing writing talent Hamden High’s students have to offer. 

“The Dial” is an awesome name for a newspaper, although Hamden High cannot claim to be the original owner. The Dial was first created in 1840 by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Margaret Fuller, the only Transcendentalist newspaper of the time. Fuller was a fierce feminist and edited The Dial from 1840 to 1842, contributing tasteful poetry, reviews, and critiques. 

Ready to hear something that will blow your mind? In the 1960s, the world-wide phenomenon called The Beatles visited New Haven, and one of our very own Hamden High students had the privilege to meet the band backstage. They were able to take a picture of The Beatles holding a sign for The Dial Newspaper! How many school newspapers can brag about that?