by Natalie Binkowski

Aries- Take it easy this week. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard and becoming stressed as a result. Put on a facemask and binge watch Friends, it’ll be good for you.

Taurus- Make sure to tie your shoes this Wednesday. It’s important. THIS WEDNESDAY. You’ll thank me later. This week, focus on keeping your head up and watching your step.

Gemini- Focus on love this week. Take a jump that you may have been dreading, put yourself out there and someone might surprise you. Go say hi that person you’ve been daydreaming about; they’ll appreciate it more than you think.

Cancer- Whatever you do- do not trust Virgos. They’re plotting something against you. Be aware. This week you need to be alert and pay attention to small details. 

Leo- Put the mirror down today and do something nice for someone. Even if it’s something small, like complimenting an outfit or making someone breakfast. Good karma will come to you if you do good things for other people this week. 

Virgo- You know, Cancer’s been feeling a bit down lately. Why don’t you invite them to a nice lunch this week? Focus on kindness and strategies for bettering yourself this week. 

Libra- Go to the thrift store this week. You might find something you’ve been wanting, or even something you need.

Scorpio- Start a master list this week. Add anything you think of to the list that you can. Future wedding invitations, future funeral invitations, what to bring camping if you ever go camping, etc. You’re going to save yourself from stress in the future, and when you look back at these lists, it might give you a laugh. 

Sagittarius- Your birthday might be coming up! Start thinking of something special you might want to do on that day. But also, remember to be thankful for everything you already have. Give mom/dad/a guardian a hug this week, they might need it and they’ll surely appreciate it.

Capricorn- Keep your head up. I know life seems tough right now but you’ll find light in your situation soon, just keep going

Aquarius- Your temper has been getting the best of you lately. Try to think before you speak more, and maybe just have a relaxing day with friends to ease your mind. Light a candle. 
Pisces- This week you can find tremendous good luck if you have an open mind. Look under a few couch cushions and in a few book pages.