Happy Times

by Georgia Kirkendall

Lately, life has been difficult for everyone, everywhere. And that’s putting it lightly. Not a month into the new year, hopes of an escape from the coronavirus have been extinguished, and more and more it seems as though we’re in for another rough round. New variations are popping up, schools are closing, and even more cumbersome are the flimsy plastic baggies Hamden High students are using to shove the entirety of their backpacks into for the morning security checks. 

Need a little lift? I know I do. The constant stream of COVID-19 outbreaks, mask mandates, and failing government goals is enough to make anyone a little gaga. Add on the impending global warming crisis, and it’s as if the very world is at its end. Still, the current doom is nothing a few heartwarming anecdotes and puppy photos can’t fix. Let’s focus on the happier aspects of 2022. 

A major breakthrough occurred recently for bird lovers, as the album Songs of Disappearance ranked No. 3 on the national pop charts. This album, which consists of Australian endangered bird calls and songs, outranked renown artists like Taylor Swift and ABBA. Selling over 2,000 copies, Songs of Disappearance is putting all of its proceeds towards bird conservation. Another stride towards animal protection in Australia involves a kangaroo and a bewildered lifeguard. A seventeen-year-old named Lillian spotted the misplaced marsupial floundering just beyond the coast at Bundjalung National Park, having been drawn out by the tide after avoiding some fishermen. The lifeguard achieved her first ever save by surfing into the waves and guiding the kangaroo back to shore. 

Meanwhile in Italy, Bounty, the cat, is on an ultimate exploration. His owner adopted the kitty four years ago, and they have been travel buddies ever since. And I’m not talking about amateur adventure, either. Bounty has recently claimed the title of first cat to summit the 7,100- foot mountain La Grignetta in the Italian Alps. Owner Doina Muravschi hopes her journeys with Bounty will “educate those who believe that cats only long for the sofa—and that the only pawed-companion for long journeys is a dog.” 

My final news of happiness is in favor of both vegetarians and fast food enthusiasts. The company Beyond Meat has teamed with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to create “Beyond Fried Chicken,” and is claimed to be equally “finger lickin good” as the real thing. KFC has been in the process of achieving plant-based meat for a few years now, and the results are paying off. Beyond Fried Chicken is selling out fast, so if fried plant protein is your thing (I’m still on the fence), get in line now. If your spirits still aren’t satisfied with traveling felines and trending bird tunes, visit Good News Network for more upbeat news.