Advice Column 1/31/22

Advice Column

Hello. Lately, I’ve noticed my friends have been getting into bad situations and using vapes. I know that vaping is bad and want to get them to stop, but they don’t listen. How can I help them?

Hi! Vaping is a huge problem in our society. Maybe you could try letting them know some effects of vaping. Some effects could be rapid onset of coughing, breathing difficulties, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, etc. If they play a sport, vaping can make it harder for them to breathe while doing physical activity. If vaping becomes a serious issue for this specific person or someone else you care about, you might need to bring in a trusted adult. It may seem like “snitching” but it definitely will help them in the long run. It’s easy to be pressured into doing things like this, but peer pressure is never the answer. Always prioritize yourself and your health. No matter what, do not let them talk you into doing anything like this.