Hamden High’s Semester Courses

by Georgia Kirkendall

Hamden High has an exciting and diverse selection of semester classes from which to choose, but it’s understandable to be hesitant and even confused when trying to decide which courses are best for you. First, it is important to consider graduation requirements, which can be found on the school website in Hamden’s Green and Gold Guide. Half year courses are an easy way to boost your credits, while enjoying the class at the same time. Here are some of my favorite courses that I have taken throughout my time at Hamden. 

Freshman year is the critical period for getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new academic and social possibilities. Exploring Theater 15 is an excellent way to expand your horizons and interact with other students. You most definitely do not have to be a “theater kid” to do well in this class– it is more about creativity than acting. I worked with an awesome group that understood my acting restraints. In, in our rendition of Antigone, I was able to get by with no lines, playing Antigone’s corpse. The inclusion of the history of Greek Theater and design builds this class into an interactive and informative experience. 

Theater showed me the importance of trying uncomfortable things, and so the following year I enrolled in Debate 39. Public speaking is stressful for everyone, especially when you’re arguing a point against an opponent. I’ll be blunt: this course was one of my hardest, in an emotional sense. But please do not dismiss Debate! My nerves became stronger for the class, and I have become more confident in my ability to rationalize and back my beliefs. 

Introduction to Art History is for any student with an interest in culture, history, and of course, art. You will learn how art came to be, and more importantly, how to appreciate it. I promise you will be captivated throughout the entire course, as you dive into the depths of Egyptian hieroglyphs and unravel the wonders of Gothic churches and the inner workings of Van Gogh’s thoughts. It is a vital skill to be able to interpret what others are communicating through an artistic and, therefore, truthful form. 

I have an interest in art, however these types of classes tend to fill up quickly, and I was only ever able to snag Digital Art in my junior year. Like theater, I am not a tech person, and entered this course with trepidation. I thought I was more likely to break my computer than create art with it. I was totally surprised when I found the opposite to be true. Anyone can make art- and anyone can make digital art. I was glued to my screen throughout the entirety of the course, toggling settings and creating colorful and often wacky scenes. Whatever courses you are contemplating, don’t forget the ones that may seem a little unconventional. They tend to be the best.