Acts of Kindness in the Depths of Violence 

Morgan Collins

To the world’s dismay on February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine. This heinous act of violence has caused mass panic in numerous countries. In the United States we have deployed thousands of military personnel to Europe to aid our allies. The people of Ukraine are taking it upon themselves to fight off the violence issued upon them and daily citizens flee to the border trying to escape the country. As of this week over 3 million people have fled Ukraine. However, amidst the chaos and war there are ordinary people performing extraordinary acts of kindness to aid the fight. 

On a train stop ramp in Medyka, Poland, people are leaving strollers for struggling Ukraine mothers fleeing the country. Due to a mandate from the Ukrainian government all men ages 18-60 are forced to stay and fight for their country. This means it is primarily women and children escaping through the borders without their spouses and fathers. As an unwavering act of kindness Polish mothers lined up hundreds of fully equipped strollers. The generosity does not end there though, mothers with children escaping are greeted with baby food, diapers, and even warm clothes. This act was an unwavering display of the strength of motherhood during terrible times. Mothers reaching out to one another trying to lighten the load. 

Another act of kindness comes from a man who lives right here in Connecticut. Jamie McDonald is the owner of Bears Smokehouse in New Haven. He started out like most small business owners trying to do their part. He donated a portion of his sales to aid Ukraine. However, he felt he still was not doing enough. Later, McDonald flew to the Ukraine-Polish border to use his skills to cook for World Central Kitchen. When interviewed by reporters McDonald said, “I’m the type of person that can’t pass up a chance to help somebody in need. I saw that I have the skill set, and I had the opportunity to do this.” Along with many other good samaritans, Jamie offers a warm meal to many people experiencing a tragedy. McDonald says that his goal is to provide someone with just a brief moment of comfort in a world of uncertainty. 

Although many countries have been thrown into a world of chaos, there are many other ordinary people stepping up and doing their part. All of these people show that there can still be light and hope in dark and uncertain times. The two stories mentioned above do not even begin to cover the numerous acts of kindness demonstrated by a wide variety of people all set out to help someone in need. All of these stories show the unwavering humanity we can give to others even in the darkest of times.