by Georgia Kirkendall

I remember when I was “graduating” from the eighth grade and was having a hard time deciding where I would attend high school. I had attended a small Catholic school from elementary through middle school, and the majority of my friends were moving on to another nearby religious academy. Yet, I wanted to try something different- to experience new communities. And when I heard about Hamden High’s annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival, I was hooked. One of the greatest priorities of middle school children are exciting, colorful events that take time away from school lecturing. 

It is so thrilling to hear that the high school’s amazing tradition is making a return. It is sad that Chalkfest really isn’t a “tradition” for the majority of the student body. I barely remember the springtime event from my freshman year myself. I do remember the awe and overwhelming sense of community, however, and that’s why I want to stress the importance of the Chalk Festival for all of Hamden’s newbies, be you a freshman or senior. 

Over the course of a sunny day three years ago, the pale concrete slabs lining the courtyard of the school were transformed into brilliant, popping hues depicting various scenes and artistic renditions. Students lounged in the sunshine and on the grass, with colorful streaks running up their arms and on their clothes. The school took on the summer vibe of relaxation and easy nonchalance, which lingered beyond the conclusion of the festival, even when the rain muddled the hues a few days later. Chalkfest is an amazing opportunity to showcase Hamden’s artistic talent, but even more importantly, the spirit of this massive institution. 

The theme for this year’s Sidewalk Chalk Festival is “Proud to be____”. This awesome event will take place on May 18th, with a rain date of May 19th. Groups can be one to three people. Submissions are available outside B105. Submit your applications to your Class Google Classroom assignment by April 14th!