Into the Woods, Jr. – A Review

by Morgan Collins

One joy of mine is going out and watching a musical. From my very first Broadway production in 6th grade I have fallen in love with the theater. The thrilling songs and costumes never seem to get old so when I heard our school was taking on Into the Woods Jr. I just had to go see it. Disney Plus recently added the 2014 Into the Woods movie to their collection. That movie had me in a constant state of awe at their captivating songs and story. After having such an enjoyable experience with the film, naturally I had to see what our school’s performance had to offer and let me say it did not disappoint. 

The wide array of talent from the cast both in acting and singing was remarkable. This musical follows the story of various different fairytale characters as they enter the woods to obtain objects they crave. For the baker and his wife, they desire a child, Jack wants his cow, his mother wants riches, and Cinderella wants to go to the prince’s festival. The story follows the baker and his wife as they gather objects to satisfy the witch who placed a curse upon their family. The cast did a fantastic job dictating the events of the story with catchy music and humor. The set and costumes put you in the world of the show and took your breath away numerous times. All in all, it was a remarkable production performed by Hamden High School students in their first musical since the pandemic. 

Senior Tribute-


Angie Tapia

Audrey Epstein

Christopher Dole

Daniel Fedak

Emily Finch

Juliana Vaiuso

Madeline Stover


Erika Szczech

Evan Bruce 

Tyler Brown