Hamden High’s After Prom Fashion Show

By Jillian Zaleski

A yearly fundraiser for the After-Prom, the Fashion show has once again come and pass Friday, March 4.

For those who don’t know what the After-Prom Fashion Show is, it is a PTSA-run fundraiser. Juniors and seniors strut their stuff in the auditorium as they model some of the newest dresses from David’s Bridal, and suits from Men’s Warehouse. As in every event, seniors had first choice and were the first priority, given that the money was going towards their After-Prom.

This year, a total of ten girls and three boys were brave enough to take the stage and model to the tune of Uptown Funk and Blank Space. The entire event this year took around an hour, a short event in comparison to the other events held within the auditorium such as plays and the Mr. Hamden Talent Competition. The event, in brutal honestly, was slightly tossed together last minute. Had there been more student participation and more planning, the show would have likely spanned across a longer time table and been more than thirteen students. However, despite some last minute decisions, such as using Zach Parisella as an MC and using the soundtrack given to the stage crew, it can be proudly said that our After Prom budget is $500 richer.

Backstage, fortunately, went on smoothly. The crowd was extremely enthusiastic upon the appearance of the models and, thankfully, nothing went disastrously wrong. One of the only bumps in the show was that the models were a tiny bit stiff and hesitant to dance and have fun on stage. Nonetheless, the fashion show was considered a success, but this is possibility the last fashion show Hamden High will have due to the low model turn out. Hopefully next year, more future seniors and juniors will want to be the ones strutting across the stage in classy tuxedos and beautiful gowns.

Photo Credit: Robert Best