Cell Phone Strictness

By: Teana Sistrunk

          Here at Hamden High, cellphones are an important part of a student’s life, but some think that the policies surrounding them are too strict. As I interviewed both a staff member and a student, they each had different perspectives.  First, I spoke with Christopher Thomas, a staff member who said, “The greatest distraction in the high school is cellphones. Cell phones aren’t safe during a real life situation because a person can target you if you are on your phone and that’s not what we want. If there were to be a power outage in the school the phone should only be used for calling parents or using the flashlight.” Next, I spoke to Blake Bezzera, a student at HHS with a different opinion. He says, “The cell phone rules are too strict. In study hall we should at least have the ability to use our phones for educational reasons. If the student fails because their phone is a distraction to their proper education, that’s their fault. Don’t put the blame on the teacher if that student wants to stay back; that’s their problem not the teachers’.” After these claims, I still see it fit that Hamden High should ease up on their cell phone policies.