HHS Boys’ Soccer

By: Ryan Murphy

The boys’ varsity soccer team faced West Haven on Saturday, September 30. It was 7 pm at night so the lights were on, and the boys were ready to shine for primetime. Early in the game, both teams scored a single point, until Hamden broke away with the final score of 4-1 in favor of Hamden. The crowd was electric.

Even though the Hamden spectator contingent was small for this away game, they cheered loudly and urged athletes on to score. The boys dribbled the ball with their feet and maneuvered in and out of defenders with impressive skill.

Goal keeper Marcus Charrington only allowed one goal. Three Hamden athletes scored four goals — two by Dayne Rayford, and one each by co-captain Mauricio Bermudez and Mike Lanouette. This is a dynamic team who works hard to earn the enthusiastic support of its spectators.