EEE Virus in Connecticut

by Georgia Kirkendall

Starting in early September, the Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus, or Triple E, has struck in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. There have been four human cases of the virus in Connecticut, three of whom have died. The most recent death was of a person between the ages of  60 and 69, and lived in East Haddam. The other deaths were in East Lyme and Old Lyme. There have also been 12 cases in Massachusetts, of which there were three fatalities, and three cases in Rhode Island, with one fatality. 

Although the Connecticut cases have occurred far East of Hamden, citizens of the town need to stay vigilant. There are many areas near Hamden that have tested EEE mosquito positive, meaning anyone near that area can contract the virus. Until the first frost, when the mosquito population dies out, people are encouraged to avoid outdoors from dusk to dawn, when mosquitoes are most active. Hamden High has also recently been taking precautions by keeping morning P.E. classes indoors until it is safe to go outside. 

Be cautious Hamden High students! Cover up in the morning, especially around your ankles, and wear plenty of bug spray until winter rolls around.

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