What Would Happen if… The Children Get no Books?

Kevin Mensah

On Monday, March 15th, something wonderful occurred. The Hamden High BHSU (Black Hispanic Student Union) organized a multicultural book drive for Hamden’s Elementary schools. It is important that all Hamden children have access to books about the many cultures in our Hamden community. BHSU took the initiative to create, promote, and execute this brilliant idea to provide our children with books that help them to understand who they are, and where they came from. Emails were sent to all the teachers of Hamden High, and members of the community were informed.

Unfortunately, on the afternoon of Wednesday March 3rd, we realized that there was an error with the email system. Only one teacher received it, and it was Ms. Sangster. Thankfully we were fortunate enough to have our esteemed English teacher single-handedly donate a $500 check which allowed Mr. Battle to put 100 books on his Amazon Cart for our children. Once the issue was resolved, donations started pouring in. Teachers, one by one, started donating money and books! We accumulated enough books to donate to every elementary school in Hamden. Even the students at Hamden High were inspired by Ms. Sangster’s generosity.

On the dreary afternoon of Monday, March 15th, Mr. Battle on his way out of the school accidentally dropped the key to his office. Security cameras caught an unidentified student in a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. He allegedly picked up the key and opened Mr. Battle’s office. Just when all was thought lost, Battle found that the kid had not stolen the check but had left more books! Mrs. Gannon was pleased to hear this and announced, “Thank you to all who donated! It is imperative that our younger children get the opportunity to learn about their diverse cultures. However we would appreciate it if people gave us the donations directly”. The students of the school roared in laughter about what had occurred that Monday afternoon. The abrupt celebration of our club echoed in the hallways. 


All jokes aside, we require books for our children. We hope that we can receive more books with your help. Let’s make self-hatred in children a thing of the past, starting in 2021. The children of Hamden Public Schools are entitled to quality education which includes learning about all of our fantastic cultures. This is our chance to provide our students with books that relate to their struggles and help them form a positive outlook. They deserve a chance to learn about their cultural differences and how they are not just “different”. We need to educate children about their cultures so they will know that they are uniquely capable, uniquely charming, and immensely relevant. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare some change and donate through Venmo, or our designated Amazon Wish List both provided below: 

Money Donations- Venmo:  www.venmo.com/hamdenbhsu

Amazon Customer List:  https://www.amazon.com/registries/custom/3TO8D32UPFXIY/guest-view

For Additional Information Contact:


(Lamond Battle, BHSU Advisor)

Thank you! #OurChildrenNeedBooks!